Richmond Night Market 2012 @RmdNightMarket


Excuse me, make that the FIDO Richmond Night Market. Last weekend, I went to the night market with a big group of friends. Not to be confused with the Summer night market, the Richmond Night Market is located at 8351 River Road, near the Bridgeport skytrain station and has an entrance fee of $1.50 (it was $1 when it first opened O=). However you can purchase 12 tickets for $10 so it's good to go in a big group! If you go by transit, make sure to keep your transit pass and go to the customer service. They will give you either a whistle or 50cent off voucher for any food stalls labeled Richmond Night Market...which is apparently only the Coca cola stand.

Still the entrance fee did not deter massive crowds of people. It was a chore just navigating through all the people!

Lots of delicious smelling food being served up.

The most popular food stall has got to be the Rotato. The lineup as you can see from the above photo, was super super long. Crazy long. We must have waited more than half an hour to get one.

This was the first time I've had a Rotato. It costs $4 each O= and I tried the Roast Garlic and Pepper. Potatoes are always yummy and this was no exception. I liked it but thought it was a bit salty at the end. It's a conspiracy! They make it salty so you'd have to buy a drink! Hahah. I bought a mango slush at some stall called Twinkle Star or something like that. It wasn't very good, it wasn't real.

I thought that this night market was a lot more food oriented than the other Summer Night Market. There doesn't seem to be as many merchandise stalls but there were some cute stalls with balloons and cutesy items that I was interested in and there was live music and some fire juggling shows. It was a fun way to spend the evening with some friends!

The Richmond Night Market is open Fri and Sat 7pm - 12am and Sun 6pm - 11pm until the end of summer!

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