Cooking with Karen Barnaby at Farmers Market Kitchen


After doing yoga on Saturday, I decided to pop by the Trout Lake Farmers Market since it was on my way home. It was a very raining day but it didn't prevent people from going to the Farmers Market. It is a good thing to either take the bus or bike there. If you drive you probably will have to park at least two blocks away. When I went, any parking nearby was already taken, and I ended parking at Nanaimo and 15th.

It's strawberry season! Some vendors where also selling strawberry plants for you to grow your own delicious strawberries! I ate my own garden's first strawberry of the season this weekend!

There are a lot of plants available for purchase for your own garden!

I bought some Rootable Chips. I chose the root chips but they also have a potato chip seasoned with white truffle oil! So good!

What was special about last Saturday's Farmers Market was that it held the first installment of the Farmers Market Kitchen featuring Chef Karen Barnaby! She walked us through making of a Vietnamese-styled Potato Salad, made with beets, eggs, celery, garlic and cilantro, to name a few ingredients.

The style was an open Q&A session. Karen Barnaby would give as little tips and info on other ways to prepare or cook the ingredients that she use in the salad as well. It was very educational!

Here's the finished salad. The redness comes from the beets. It tastes amazing! Barnaby says this salad is best paired with salmon. She likes to bake her salmon seasoned only with salt. Mmmm!

The Farmers Market at Trout Lake is going on every Saturday from 9:00am - 2:00pm until Oct 20th. The next Farmers Market Kitchen is on July 21st featuring Yew Restaurant's executive chef Ned Bell!

Also the Market Kitchen is still looking for donations! They've raised about $1000 so far and need $12,000 more to reach their goal of $13,000. Please consider donating if you'd like to see more live food demos at the Farmers Market!

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