The Old Spaghetti Factory - Redwood City, CA


After browsing the Rotary Farmers' Market, I walked around to find something to eat. The Old Spaghetti Factory was just a block away so I decided to eat there. Can't go wrong with pasta!

The Redwood City location also has a trolley car like the one we have in Vancouver, where people can sit inside to dine. It was a little busy so I waited a long time before the waitress finally came and took my order. She was apparently occupied in singing happy birthday to another party. She was nice though, always apologizing for making me wait.

I opted to get the Angel Hair Pomodoro which includes a salad or soup and dessert.

They also gave me a big loaf of sourdough bread, hot, right out of the oven! Mmm!

The salad was just a simple green salad with croutons. The vinaigrette dressing was something less than desired but I didn't come here to eat salad.

I really liked the angel hair pasta. This was a vegetarian option, it has no meat in the sauce. I liked it as it was very light. I finished it all even though it was a big portion for me.

Dessert was either vanilla or spumoni ice cream which is a mix of chocolate, cherry and pistachio. I chose the spumoni because I've only seen the Old Spaghetti Factory serve it!

The Old Spaghetti Factory always has great affordable meals. My 3-course meal with bread was only 8.29USD! The service could be a lot faster but their friendliness made up for it.

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