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This popular location does not take reservations and wait times can go up to 2 hours especially when the weather is good during dinner time. So after a failed attempt at dining here, my friends and I decided to come EARLY. 4 o'clock dinner early that is. Yay, no line up for us! There are actually two levels, one up on the street and one at beach level. We sat inside, beach level by the window.

My friends and I ordered mostly Chef Rob Feenie signature dishes.
Butternut Squash + Prawn Ravioli ($24.25) - artisan made raviolis, truffle butter sauce, sauteed jumbo prawns
The ravioli is also available as an appetizer. The difference is that there is only 3 pieces in the appetizer and 7 in the main. 

Grilled Tuna Club ($14.25) - ocean wise albacore, tarragon tartar, bacon, arugula, cilantro, pickled ginger, olive oil ciabatta

Fish Tacos ($14) - ocean wise pacific lingcod hand-stretched tortillas, chipotle aioli, shredded green cabbage, salsa fresca
L ordered fish tacos with a side of fries but the tacos were large enough to fill her up, and she couldn't finish the fries.

Tuna Tataki and Prawn Salad ($17) - mango, cucumber, radish, crispy onions, yuzu vinaigrette
I knew I wanted to I order the tuna tataki and prawn salad before I looked at the rest of the menu. I love the tuna tataki appetizer and putting it into a salad and adding prawns was too delicious sounding to resist. Plus this salad is only found at the English Bay location! The salad lived up to my expectations. The seafood were fresh tasting and went well with the greens. The sweet mango was just the right touch to counter the tartness of the yuzu vinaigrette dressing. Would order it again!

the Bellini -  Peach schnapps, champagne, bacardi white rum & sangria
The rest of my friends ordered a drink so I gave into peer pressure and ordered one as well. lol It sure gave me a buzz!

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