Dine Out Vancouver 2013 - Rocky Mountain Flatbread (Kitsilano)

My university group of friends chose this restaurant this year for Dine Out. Everyone wanted something in the $18 range and Rocky Mountain Flatbread in Kitsilano came up.

There is sort of two sides to the restaurant, one is where most of the kids are. I ended up going early and our table was changed to the other side where the kitchen was located. It was very busy!

The kitchen is open so you can watch the staff make your pizza and put it in the oven.

Nice food quotes on the wall behind our table.

You can choose any of the Base or Ascent Flatbread Pizzas or pasta for entries or other flatbreads for an additional cost.

The specials of the day are written on several chalkboards located in various locations around the restaurant.

Cream of Cauliflower soup
The starters was soup or salad. The soup of day was cream of cauliflower. One of my friends thought it was a little bland while the other thought it was just right. I don't know who to believe. =/

Basil Blackberry Salad - Assorted greens, crimini mushrooms, mango & roasted red bell peppers, tossed in a basil & blackberry dressing
The rest of us chose a salad for our starter. We could chose any of the three house salads: Fresh Herb Salad, Basil Blackberry salad or Fig & Goat's Cheese Salad. I was leaning toward the Basil Blackberry and the Fig & Goat's Cheese. I ended up going for the Basil Blackberry - as this everyone else. It was pretty good. I liked the mango in it and I can definitely taste the blackberry and basil in it. 

Farmers Market - Tomato sauce, mozza, roasted eggplant, crimini mushrooms, parsnip, cherry tomatoes, pesto + goat cheese
We all ordered a different type of pizza for our entry but ended up swapping slices so that we could taste each others. There were five of us so we each ended up with two slices of our own pizza and four from the others. I decided on the Farmers Market, which everyone agreed, out of all we tried was the best. Score! The ingredients actually change I think, it is whatever they get that is in season from the local Farmers Market.

Apple Chicken - Organic tomato sauce, mozzarella & aged chedder cheese, certified organic rosemary lemon, pulled chicken, sliced local apples, shaved red onions, cherry tomatoes & housemade three herb nut free pesto.
The Apple Chicken came from the Summit flatbread pizza section and costs a dollar more than the others. I also liked one. The apples made it sweeter than the normal pizza.

Country Harvest - Organic tomato sacue, fresh spinach, spiced roasted BC corn, baked portobello mushroom, roasted red bell peppers & three herb nut free pesto.
Country Harvest was going to be my second choice - because of the portobella mushrooms. I liked it but A. thought the corn didn't need to be there and it's like missing something but she couldn't figure out what.

Naturally Meaty - Organic tomato sauce, mozzarella cheese, fresh spinach, spicy certified organic ground beef, Italian sausage, shaved red onions & sliced roma tomatoes. Topped with fresh herbs & asiago cheese.
Mmm, here comes the meaty pizzas. Naturally Meaty and All Beef Pepperoni were a little spicy. I preferred the Naturally Meaty pizza to other. Both were still delicious though.

All Beef Pepperoni - Organic tomato sauce, mozzarella cheese, organic beef pepperoni, shaved red onion, crimini mushrooms & sliced roma tomatoes. Topped with fresh chopped herbs.

The pizzas were satisfying and I like the crunchy thin crust. Delicious!

Warm double chocolate brownie with ice cream
Dessert time! There were two dine out menu and also a third choice written on the chalkboard, which was the red wine poached pear. Normally I'd gone for the brownie but why not try something different? So I went for the pear.

Almost famous cheesecake

Red wine poached pear served with vanilla ice cream

We thought that they could have lost the orange slice on the place. It looked so out of place and made the desserts look tacky. The pear was ok. It wasn't really sweet so I had to eat it with the ice cream, which was yum.

I enjoyed my time there. Food was good and so was the company. It is always great to catch up with old friends. It's a nice casual place to enjoy dinner but we really didn't need to go during Dine Out since they offer the same deal every Thursday which lasts until April. It's a pretty good deal and worth the visit.

The $18 menu here:


CHOICE OF OUR THREE ORGANIC SALADS All of our salads are finished with house made salad dressing which are sweetened with natural honey, topped with seasonal sprouts and served with a side of fresh organic flatbread. 
SOUP OF THE DAY Changes daily with fresh produce from local farmers and is served with a side of fresh organic flatbread. 


DAILY PASTA Our pasta is made from certified organic freshly-milled flour and changes daily with seasonal fresh produce. Add daily organic chicken or seafood for an extra $4.00. Our gluten free pasta is available for an extra $3.00
PERSONALISED FLATBREAD PIZZAS Choose from any of our Base or Ascent Flatbread Pizzas. All of our bases are 100% organic, handcrafted,brushed with garlic oil and based with organic tomato sauce and mozzarella cheese. They are topped with your favorite wholesome ingredients and baked in our artisan oven. Summit Pizzas are an extra $1.00. Gluten free option is available for an extra $3.00. 



Special Notes

We are famous for our award winning flatbread pizzas topped with lots of local and organic produce. And this year we are proud to serve all of our dishes with a delicious gluten free option.
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