Chef Hidekazu Tojo at the Wellness Show

Last Saturday, my family visited the Wellness Show at the Vancouver Convention Centre. We've been previous years and there's always something of interest to see at the show and useful products to purchase. In addition, I was interested in seeing the cooking demos at the Celebrity Cooking Stage. Unfortunately, we when we got to the show, we had just missed Wayne Harris, Executive Chef, Shangri-La Hotel. The next one was Chef Hidekazu Tojo, the owner of Tojo's Restaurant. He is the inventor of the California and BC roll! How cool is that?! I've never been to restaurant but people in the large audience that gathered to watch his demo said that it is the best sushi in Vancouver.

Chef Tojo demonstrated how to cook turkey and mushroom Tojo Style with a vegetarian pasta. He marinates the turkey in a plastic bag for 20 minutes (at the show it was only 5), then places it on top of portobello mushrooms and steams everything. This way, the turkey remains moist and tender.

He made some "pasta" out of some cucumber, daikon radish and carrot using a peeler.

We tasted something a little different, the pasta is a green tea noodle. It was very good!

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