It's a Jungle at LunarFest 2013

This year the LunarFest changed it up and had a Jungle theme instead of the usual an under the sea one!

In addition to the lanterns, there was a Dumpling Festival outside this year. I didn't get any since I ate some at the Temple Fair at Sun Yat Sen Garden! Of course, it was also a lot cheaper there, too.

 As it is the year of the Snake, there were a lot of snakes hanging around. This one lit up when you "fed" it an egg! Around the tree, are the painted snakes made by children and the community.

This was a funny one. Every few minutes or so, the snake would spew out some smoke. lol It reminded me of the caterpillar in Disney's Alice in Wonderland!

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Kiwi said...

Omg I wish I knew about this! Some of those lanterns are so cute!

Jenny said...

Aww! I had it listed on my weekend events post! Yeah, it is a real nice change from last years' display!