Ramen Jinya

Don't know why I bought a Groupon for Ramen hahah but I did and the expiry date was fast approaching so I had to use it! I managed to convince my sis to go with me on the last weekend.

Ramen Jinya is located on Robson Street near Central Library and it is always pretty busy it seems, at least it is every time I pass by it.

My Groupon allowed me to pick any ramen on the menu and also included a salad, drink, karaage and gyoza. We both decided to try the Special Tonkotsu Black Ramen.

The beverage comes with unlimited refills.

The waitress said that the sweet iced green tea is popular so I opted to try it. It's ok. I think it's just green tea with some honey.

We were brought a little mixed greens with corn salad to start.

The chicken karate was crispy and

The gyoza was ok. Nothing too special about it.

Tonkotsu Black Ramen $10.75 - Original Pork Broth, pork belly char-siu, spinach, bamboo shoots, green onions, fried onions, flavoured  boiled egg, seaweed, black garlic oil
It is the black garlic oil that name is referring to not the colour of the ramen. The ramen isn't the instant noodle type! We were actually kind of disappointed about that lol. The ramen was more chewy and solid than the type we were used to. The broth was good and flavourful. It was pretty big and with the rest of the dishes, we were quite full after. The service was very fast and ramen we had was pretty good. My ramen itch has been scratched.

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