Shanghai Xiao Long Bao Restaurant


Finally I got to try out this place with my family. The first time we wanted to dine here, they were not open!

It was a bit early when we arrived so there were a lot of empty tables but they filled up later on. Though I wish they didn't because the service went down exponentially to the amount of people in the restaurant...I think they don't have enough waiters to handle all the tables. We were basically ignored for quite a bit after the initial ordering of the food.


With Xiao Long Bao in the name of the restaurant, you'd expect the Xiao Long Bao to be its specialty and taste amazing. But no. It was only ok. Definitely had way better Xiao Long Bao elsewhere.

This trio wasn't too bad. But they got our order wrong. We ordered duck and they gave us beef tendon.

This was a very poor dish. The crispy rice was ok but the seafood "soup" had almost nothing in it. Water thickened with corn starch is what my dad described it as. He's right, it was totally not worth the price.

I don't think we'll be back. There are better places to get xiao long bao.

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