Around the House and in the Audience of CityLine - Toronto, ON

Day 5, and the last day W and I spent in Toronto started off at Dundas Square again. We signed up to be part of the audience of CityLine TV several months prior to our trip and we were assigned to be part of the "Around the House" episode, which airs on Mondays. One of our friends was part of the audience of CityLine before and that's how we got the idea of applying. 

We had arrived at 9:30am but we weren't brought to the filming area until 10am. They had to set up after doing the Breakfast Television segment that morning.

There's Tracy Moore, the host of CityLine!

She came by to say hi and ask where everybody was from. We thought that we traveled the furthest, being from Vancouver, but the two girls sitting beside us were from Victoria, BC! Small world, us BC girls all sitting together! =)

Being in the audience was not at all what I expected. We could hardly watch the show since all the cameras and equipment are in the way! Then we have to always be smiling and pretend to watch in that general direction even though we can't see because of the camera that is trained on the audience at all times. We never know when they are filming the audience!

At the end of the show we all got to take home some swag and there was a draw for some of the items featured in the show. I was so lucky and won a Monopoly Zapped Edition game! We also got to take a photo with Tracy Moore! She said "Congratulations Vancouver!" Hahah. It was great fun being on the show. If I lived in Toronto, I'd sign up to be in the audience every year!

Here's the link to the episode we were in: 29, 2012: Around The House (43:38)  Tips for creating a warm, welcoming environment in your home, a hearty autumn meal, and some family board games with high-tech twists.

The episode aired a week after filming. When my sis and I watched it, we would scream every time we spotted me or W. Hahaha!

After that we spent the rest of the day shopping at Eaton Centre (I bought some boots!) before our EPIC dinner at Richmond Station. Stay tuned for next post.

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