Walking along the Falls - Niagara Falls, ON

This post is just a bunch of photos I took while walking along the Canadian side of Niagara Falls. The sun came out and the fall foliage is just gorgeous!

All I could think about when at Niagara Falls (beside how beautiful it was) was Lois Lane in Superman II when she threw herself off the Falls. "Bye bye baby!" Of course, on the Canadian side, you'd probably not land in the water if you did that. You'd break all your bones on the rocky cliff.

Near the end of the Falls, there are a lot of seagulls and other birds. It's amazing that they are not afraid of people! So many people were getting right in their faces to take photos. Myself include!

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Jen B said...

Amazing Pics Jenny!

amerycalven said...

Niagara falls is one of most fascinating attractions around the world. It offers some of breathtaking and captivating eye catching views to visitors. Rather then it is surrounded by some of worthwhile attractions all over. During my several tours i had explored Lundy's Lane Historical Musuem, Queen Victoria park, Bird kingdoms and fabulous hiking trails along with Niagara park Botanical Gardens.