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Last Saturday started off with a visit to Thomas Haas on Broadway before heading down to the Britannia Mine Museum with E and A. I've never been and my friend E says it's amazing and I was in for a real treat.

It was really busy inside; looked like a popular place to meet up for coffee and sweets! If you look up you can see the honeycomb ceiling but now that I think about it, I think it's suppose to be the chocolate molecule! I love the feel of the store.

The chocolate molecule is on the door handle and on the plates!

 Everything looks so delicious!

 Tower of macarons.


 More macarons! I made up my mind to try one.

Delicious looking cakes.

A chocolate sculpture was on display on the side.

I picked a raspberry macaroon ($1.75) to try.

I haven't had much experience with macarons. The first and only other one I've ever eaten was at McDonald's in Paris. XD I can't really compare but I'm pretty sure this one tasted better. It was sweet, crispy, chewy and cheesy all at the same time. It was yummy but honestly I don't really get what the hype about macarons are. Maybe I have to try more of them...

We were actually there for coffee, so I ordered a mocha ($4). They made some free pour art even though I was taking mine to go. That's attention to detail! It also tasted great.

I'll definitely have to go back to try some more things!

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