Spring Rolls - Toronto, ON


Spring Rolls is a restaurant chain serving Pan Asian cuisine in Toronto. They have locations everywhere and it wasn't hard to find one after exploring the Distillery District.

The one on Front Street at Jarvis has a big aquarium on the side. 

Spring Rolls offer an all you can eat option but we didn't want to stuff ourselves so we opted for the a la carte. The menu is big with many items, covering Thai, Chinese and Japanese food.

Unique Satay Pad Thai - House (Tiger shrimp & chicken) $11.99 - Thai rice noodle stir-fried in lime juice, tamarind and tomato sauce with a blend of dried shrimp, chili, garlic, onion and shallot. Served with tofu, egg, roasted peanuts, bean sprouts and coriander

W and I decided to share our plates. The pad thai sounded good so we got that. It was pretty good.

Wok-tossed Mixed Vegetables with Mushroom and Tofu in Oyster Sauce $10.99 - mixed vegetables tossed in a garlic rice wine oyster sauce

We have to have our vegetables even on vacation so we ordered this dish. It came with a bowl of rice and it needed it since it was a little salty on its own.  

The service was a little slow but other than that it was ok. 

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Liquid_Independence said...

Thanks for sharing. That interior looks amazing, and the food looks yummy too. I think presentation says a lot about a restaurant. I wonder if the chain has a location here in Vancouver. I wouldn't mind trying the all-you-can-eat option ^_^

Jenny said...

I think it's only located in Toronto, that's why we went to try it! The food was decent for a chain restaurant. Haha, I'm not good at all for ayce. Can't eat that much especially Asian food!