Exploring the Britannia Mine Museum


Saturday was for a day trip to the Britannia Mine Museum! The museum was a copper mine that was shut down after it became unprofitable. I've passed by this historic site to and from Squamish and have heard great things about it from my coworker so couldn't wait to go! I had purchased a Groupon for it, normally adult admission is $21.50 but I only paid $12. Score!

When we got there, we made a beeline for the mine tour, which was just about to start.

We had to go up these stairs to the start.

Very nice view of the mountains and water at the top.

We were going inside REAL tunnels so hard hats are required.

All aboard!

Our tour guide led us through a demonstration of the tools the miners used to use. They still work and are LOUD!

Demoing a primitive headlamp light miners used to use next to the "Honey Wagon". I won't spoil what that is for you.

Toot toot! It's off work time!

The last core shed standing at the mine. It is still filled with samples taken from the rock!

Mill No. 3 was built after Mill No. 2 burnt down. This is a gravity mill so all the rocks and stuff go in from the top and tumble down with only the help of gravity and a few conveyer belts.

It's massive inside!

Imagine going up 200+ stairs everyday to get to work! Usually all the newbies get the pleasure of working at the top.

Our tour guide showing us how to separate copper from Fines.

I don't know what this board is... E jokingly suggested that how many people died in the mill.

Me hard at work operating heavy machinery. It's some kind of Muck (the rock remaining from the dynamite blast) machine.

 This truck is ginormous!

 I can't even reach the top of the wheel!

 I managed to crawl into a hole at one point. So random! LOL

 Just hanging out with the guys.

I have a thing with danger signs it seems.

A GOLD PANNING station! And we get to keep what ever we find! I must have spent a good two hours there. HAHAHA

Look at me. I'm such a little kid! The sleeves of my jacket are all wet and I don't even notice! The water is warm so I didn't freeze to death. My legs on the other hand...

Turns out I was doing it all wrong until my exasperated friend came and taught me the proper way. 

All the heavy stuff sinks to the bottom and the ridges in the pan keep them from falling out.

Panning for gold is soooo fun! Time just flew by. I did find 3 tiny flakes of gold but I love the rest of the stuff I found better! Heehee! I would still be there if my friend didn't drag me away!

I had a great time! The museum is laid out nicely and the tour was very interesting. So fun. It's a great way to spend the day with friends or family!

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