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Our first big dining experience in Toronto was at LEE, which was suggested by W since it appeared in Restaurant Wars episode of Top Chef Canada Season 2 (Episode 6!). Lee is owned by internationally acclaimed chef Susur Lee! We met up with our friend J after she finished work and she drove us there. We almost walked passed it since it didn't exactly have a sign that said LEE in the front.

The lounge area

and bar.

Since we didn't make any reservations and the restaurant was a little booked up, they put us in the private dining area in the back.

We had to pass through the kitchen to get to our table. Too bad the chef himself wasn't there.

Nice little space with a fireplace.

Our friend J is a vegetarian so we tried to stick to the vegetarian options.

Hmmm everything sounds so good! What should I get?!

Steamed Edamame $7 - seasoned with mustard and sea salt
It's really amazing how a little seasoning can go a long way. These were the best tasting edamame beans I've had in a while!

Singaporean-style Slaw $20
We knew we had to get the Singaporean-style slaw. Apparently everyone orders it especially newcomers! And the waiters always suggests it. Above is a picture of it before being tossed. Looks spectacular!

The Singaporean-style slaw comprises of 19 ingredients and each waiter knows the ingredients by heart. Our server recited it as he tossed it up for us. Ingredients included carrots, cucumber, shallots, onions, ginger, edible flowers, ...and bunch of other stuff. It was all a jumble I can't remember! I should have took a video clip! It tastes as good as it looked. Every bite you taste something a little different. If I ever get the chance to go back there I'd just order this for myself. No sharing!

Top Chef Green Curry Chicken $28
Sweet pea polenta, butter almondine, spiced tomato jam, dried pineapple, chili mint (Top Chef award winning dish)
And of course we had to order the Top Chef award winning dish! It was very yummy!

The last green curry chicken rests on top of a sweet pea polenta cake adorned with a dried pineapple. Beautiful!

Spring Vegetable Chow Mein $17 - Crispy lettuce wrap, roasted almonds & fresh pineapple
We finished off with Spring Vegetable Chow Mein. This dish was disappointing. I thought it actually contained chow mein not just the little bits of deep fried noodles (the white stuff you see there). It reminded be of the 2nd half of Peking Duck when you eat it two ways but without the duck. You basically eat it the same way, wrap the contents in lettuce and chow down. It wasn't that spectacular especially for the price.

LEE was an experience. I loved the food (well most of it anyways), and it was good, delicious food and beautifully plated, but it is very pricey for the portions you get. Most items on the menu are sharing plates so you'll be able to try the different items in one sitting. If you ever find yourself at LEE, remember to get the Singaporean-style slaw. That was worth the price.

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