Brunch at Catch 122

Located in Gastown, Catch 122 was the latest place my friends and I went to try out for brunch.

The place has a nice feel to it. Very open and organic.

Everything sounded so good on the menu, I had quite a dilemma on what to choose!

Brewed Coffee ($1.85)
I started off with coffeeee! I was really tired for some reason I don't remember now. Probably playing Halo 4 into the middle of the night. LOL

The Catch 122 ($12.75) - Poached eggs on croissant, house-smoked wild sockeye salmon, melted gorgonzola bleu cheese, arugula,
 Yukon nugget potato hash
I ended up ordering the Catch 122 because of the smoked salmon. Mmmmmm. It was as good as it sounded on paper. It looks like a croissant sandwich but I used a fork and knife to eat it. The egg yolks would drizzle out when I broke it which can be mopped up with the croissant. So good. I wish there was more of it!

The Gastown ($12.75) - Over easy eggs, house-made pork sausage, arugula salad, tomato pear chutney, toast, 
Yukon nugget potato hash
The Gastown was my second choice. M ordered this one. I'll have to get this next time I'm there! It looks like a nice hearty plate lighten with the salad. Yum. 

traditional Liege waffle (with one accompaniment)  ($4.25)
In addition, M added a waffle with whipped cream as a side to her Gastown. A also ordered it. They thought it tasted ok but weren't wowed by it.

The Scrambled Eggs Chorizo Crêpe ( $12.5) - Scrambled eggs, house-made chorizo, avocado, cheddar cheese, tomato sauce, 
Yukon nugget potato hash

The Lorraine Crepe ($11.75) - Black forest ham, mushrooms, béchamel sauce, tomato, arugula, Gruyere cheese, Yukon nugget potato hash
A and L decided to try the crepes. I would have ordered the Lorraine Crepe as my third choice.

Mmm! I loved this place! Would gladly go back to try some more tasty menu items.

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