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After coming back from visiting Niagara Falls, we weren't feeling that hungry. And we wanted to eat something light, we always turn to sushi. There were a few restaurants serving sushi along Yonge and Englinton but Ho Su Bistro was one recommended to us by J. It serves a mix of Korean and Japanese cuisine.

Their menu is extensive. There are a lot of choices, specialty rolls, vegetarian choices, everything!

I had a really hard time narrowing down my choices!


Complimentary edamame beans were brought to our table. They were ordinary, meh. I think the edamame at LEE spoiled us. XD

Wakame Salad $3.95 - seaweed salad
W and I like to eat our vegetables even while on vacation so we ordered two salads. I liked the wakame. It was very flavourful and paired with lettuce, it was great!

Spinach Salad $2.95 - steamed spinach with sesame dressing
I didn't really taste the sesame dressing in the spinach salad. Very plain.

SOHO Roll $6.95 - fresh salmon, crab, tobiko, avocado roll wrapped with thin cucumber
This was a unique roll that caught our eye. Who thought of using cucumber as the wrapping for the roll?! It works! The roll was very fresh tasting. I loved it.

Toronto $6.95 - Salmon, tobiko, avocado, tempura bits
Mmm Toronto roll. I loved this roll too. Again very fresh tasting and the tempura bits added a bit of crunch that made the roll interesting.

We were given a handful of little candies with the bill! =D

Later on in our trip, we revisited Ho Su Bistro for lunch.

They had some lunch specials so we decided to order from there.

Each special came with Miso Soup

and a green salad.

Again complimentary wakame beans were brought to our table.

Bulgigi lunch $7.95
Going Korean, W ordered the Bulgigi lunch. Heh. One broccoli.

Sashimi & california lunch $10.95
I stuck with sushi and sashimi which also came with noodles, bean sprouts, carrots and cabbage.

Salmon sushi and two types of tuna (I think). They tasted ok.

California roll. This is different than the ones I've had in Vancouver. They don't shred the imitation crab meat nor do they use mayo. I actually prefer it like this. 

I liked the variety this restaurant offers and the rolls we tried were amazing. W even went as far as saying it's the best sushi she ever tasted (I disagree, but it was very good). We obviously liked it enough the first time to come back again. Good value, good food. Would go back again, if given the chance!

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WW said...

I'd like to correct my statement. It's one of the better sushi restaurants I've been to :b Good variety, taste, and reasonable prices.