Dundas Square - Toronto, ON

Dundas Square is the centre of downtown Toronto so of course we had to visit. Plus Eaton Centre is there. ;P So many huge billboards! Reminiscent of New York, my friend W said.

At night the plaza sometimes has water fountains! We saw them when J was driving us past on a whirlwind tour of Toronto on our first night.

We had to meet J after work here one day and stopped to watch a busker perform. His name was Billias Cobra (I might have spelt that wrong) and it was his last night busking at Dundas Square for the season. Heading to Australia he said. He drew quite a big crowd.

He did some fire juggling, stunts with whips and a fire whip.

He's also a contortionist. Ewwww! hahaha

His last stunt was balancing a lawn mower on his chin while volunteers threw head of lettuce at the spinning blades. Hahah.

Dundas Square is place where there regularly are a lot of free concerts, films and events held and tonight EB Games Canada is hosting a midnight launch party for Halo 4! The event starts at 7pm and there will be great deals, giveaways and a special guest in attendance! Aw man I wish I was still there so I could go!

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