Ghost hunting at Casa Loma - Toronto, ON


Casa Loma is a huge castle built on a hill overlooking downtown Toronto by Sir Henry Pellatt in 1911-1914. It consists of secret passages, tunnels, towers, stables and an amazing amount of artwork housed within its walls. It is also rumoured to be haunted! $18.19, granted us entrance to the massive mansion, which includes a self-guided tour. I, of course, took a bujillion photos but I'll only post some of the highlights.

We made a bee-line for the cafeteria in the basement because we were so hungry.

The hall to the cafeteria were lined with movie posters. I was wondering why they were they since they looked so out of place but on closer inspection, these were all the movies that had parts filmed at Casa Loma! It is Xaviers' School for the Gifted in X-Men!

 W and I both decided to get the specials of the day.

 I tried to keep an eye out for the ghost of Henry Pellatt but nothing.

We only found some deliciously filling food instead. W ordered the Beef Burger with Fries ($7.99).

I had the Turkey Pot Pie with Salad ($7.99). The salad was just ok but I love the pie. It was so warm and hit the spot.  

After lunch, we decided to explore the rest of the basement first and work our way up stairs.

The first thing we saw was this...It is suppose to be a swimming pool. But it never got finished because Sir Henry Pellatt went bankrupt! The castle already took $3.5 million to build back then; it must be equivalent to a billion now!

 Ooo a secret tunnel!

 It was kind of creepy when we were all alone. The tunnel goes on forever!

We eventually ended up at the stables after passing the garage and gardening area.

Sir Henry Pellatt's favourite horse had his name set on the wall.

Backtracking through the tunnel, we went through the wine cellar, which had a secret passage to Sir Pellatt's Study on the main floor.

The Conservatory was the nicest room on the main floor. It is wide open with large windows and plants on the sides, a small fountain across the room and a beautiful stain glass dome on the ceiling. Many people had their weddings here and it's not hard to imagine why.

The Oak Room.

Upstairs there were more rooms, upon rooms.

The Round Room. It is a constructed in a circle. Even the doors are curved.

Henry Pellat's wife, Mary Pellat was the first Chief Commissioner of the Girl Guides of Canada!

The third floor was full of army and war memorabilia. I wasn't that interested but apparently Sir Henry Pellat was a big collector! This hallway is suppose to be haunted as well. People have seen a lady in white here sometimes in the dead of night. We didn't see ghosts that day.

Of course, if there are towers, we are going to climb them.

We go up and up, up narrow staircases.

The walls of the tower are full of people's names!

The view at the top!

That was the tower we climb from the outside.

No ghost sightings but it was a nice way to spent 3 hours. People probably can manage in 2 but only if you are not a papparazzi like me!

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