2011 Vancouver Zombie Walk


Eeeee! Zombies everywhere! Hundreds of people showed up at the Vancouver Art Gallery for this year's Zombie Walk. There were plenty of awesome costumes and cool looking zombies! There were some non-zombie characters that turned up too such as the Grim Reaper, Jack Sparrow and the Ghost Busters. Tourists and unaware locals are always surprised when they see zombies turning up everywhere - on the bus, in coffee shows, gelato stores, restaurants, etc. It's such fun to see their reactions: "There must be some kind of zombie convention somewhere". Haha!

This guy's costume is one of my favourites. Cracked mask in a bio-hazard suit. Nice.

Uh-oh he saw me! Braaaaains.

Hahaha holy zombie Batman!

"Zombies are were people too!"

This guy's costume is freaking awesome! It really looks real!

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