Public Dreams Illuminaires Lantern Festival


After I checked out the HP event, I headed over to Canada Place to see the Illuminaires Lantern Festival. It supposedly started at 5pm but there wasn't a lot going on. The heron puppet came by around 6pm and that was cool. There were musicians and dancers, artists and other tents set up around but there wasn't a lot to see. The last thing I watched was a native band singing while aerial dancers danced overhead along the wall of Canada Place.

A big question of mine was: Where were the lanterns?! I thought that they'd have more lanterns as the sky grew darker but by the time I left at 8:15pm for the Fireworks, I only saw about 5 lanterns in total. It was kind of a disappointment. Maybe all the lanterns came out after I left?! I don't know. This was the first time Public Dreams held this festival downtown. Maybe they should move it back to Trout Lake. I've heard better reviews when it was back there.

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