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I got a chance to go see Anything Goes last night courtesy of @VisitorsChoice on Twitter. I also brought the parents along because the two plays that are running are oldies they would recognize. This year Bye Bye Birdie and Anything Goes are playing. I had a great time and enjoyed the music and dance sequences very much. My parents also loved it. My dad even asked when we are going to see Bye Bye Birdie!

Theatre Under the Stars is a non-profit society that entertains guests yearly with performances of popular musical theatre at Malkin Bowl in Stanley Park. As the name suggests, it is an outdoor theatre so remember to bring a blanket or a coat as it gets a little chilly as it gets darker. There is pay parking nearby but the lots quickly fill up so either arrive early or take transit.

TD Bank is the sponsor for this year and they also host nightly draws with a prize package that is worth $200! All you have to do is take a photo in costume and during the intermission, they will randomly draw one photo to be the winner! TD will also email you your photo as a remembrance of the wonderful time you had at TUTS. =)

Theatre Under the Stars is running until August 20th so there is still a little time left to go see the plays which run on alternating nights every day of the week.

Remember to follow Visitors' Choice on Twitter and Facebook and Theatre Under the Stars on Twitter. Visitors' Choice is always hosting contests on both social network sites so go follow them!

TIP: Don't protect your tweets when entering Twitter contests, the contest sponsor will either not be able to see your tweet or not be able to contact you!

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