2011 Celebration of Light - "China Storm"


China put on quite a beautiful show Saturday night at the Celebration of Light competition. I went with some of my friends to view the fireworks at English Bay. We were slightly off to the side of the barges (I think there were three this year instead of just two). It wasn't as crowded as I imagined; probably due to the long weekend and the forecast for rain. So we had a lovely unobstructed view for the most part. I love the purple coloured fireworks the best.

I tried to take some decent photos but I never know when to start taking the photo! Perhaps on Wednesday when Spain puts on their show I will be able to take better photos. I captured half the the show on video though so you can watch it if you missed it! Sadly it didn't occur to me to bring a radio so you just hear the explosions and people talking about F-stops. Oops.

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1 comment:

Kiwi said...

Noooo. China was first to show this year? Damnit. The only one that I wanted to see was China because the other ones are usually so boring... but I guess I missed it =(