Vancouver Aquarium - Birds Up Close


Went to the Vancouver Aquarium on Saturday to see Birds Up Close. I haven't been in a long time and it was busy! There were a huge line up to get in. I watched the dolphin show first. Spinnaker, Helen and Hana put on quite a show for the large crowd.

Later on I saw Helen play with her food throwing it up and down with her mouth. You can watch it in the clip I took.

The belugas were so cute too. The baby was playing with her floating toy it was so fun to watch. I took a clip of it too. She made a cute noise! Heehee.

In the Birds Up Close free flying show, the trainers brought out a turkey vulture, horned owl and bald eagle! All the birds are beautiful and majestic. I loved to see them flying. Tried to capture a photo of them with their wings spread as they landed but it's harder than it looks! I have a clip of Darwin the owl flying but Youtube is not cooperating with me. I'll try uploading it again later tonight.

Elsewhere in the exhibits, there weren't too many changes but that didn't prevent me from taking a bijillion pictures!


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