West End Dog Show


I love dogs so when I heard about the West End Dog Show I decided I had to go check it out!

Turns out I didn't even need to go all the way to Nelson Park to see some cute dogs! I saw these cuties at the 49th Langara Skytrain station. They were so well behaved sitting in their bike baskets.

When I first got to Nelson Park, I saw that there was a Farmers' Market going on too! Walking the way down to the dog park, I passed by a lot of delicious looking food. Too bad I had to go to the Zombie Walk later so I didn't purchase anything.

The off lease dog park was at the end of the block and there were tents set up inside, all promoting dog stuff and pet photography.

One of the first dogs I met was this guy at the BC Guide Dogs tent.

Either of these two won the contest for "Best Trick". I don't remember! The little Chihuahua on the right could jumped very high!

Here's a clip of the "Best Trick" competition:

This was my favourite dog there. This is Finnigan! He is a small dog with tonnes of personality. He is so friendly and his fur is so soft. He looks like he's smiling!

My other favourite was this guy. He is so fluffy he looks like a small bear! A Teddy bear!

They are all so cute!

I also saw these cute pups at the Zombie Walk. There are dogs everywhere!

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