Indian Chariot Festival


I went to the Indian Chariot Festival today with some of my friends. We missed the parade but there were still a lot of stuff to see at Second Beach. Many people were dressed up in traditional Indian clothing and some had their face painted or had Henna art on their hands or arms. There were all sorts of shows and plays being performed and food and Indian wares were being sold. One of the tents was also offering free food (optional donation). It was mostly made up of rice and cauliflower. Yummy!



On our way their we saw a family of racoons! They were so cute! I just want to pick them up and give them a hug! I'd probably get my eyes scratched out though. Hahah. So cute.

After walking around the festival grounds, we just sat by the beach and talked. The weather was so beautiful. There were seagulls flying all over the place. A lot of people where digging holes or building sand castles. Someone even was buried in the sand! Haha.

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