Riding at A&T Equestrian

Yesterday after work I went with my friend to A&T Esquestrian for an hour riding lesson. The place is in Surrey and it took about 50 minutes to get there from Vancouver. 

There was a beautiful horse in the front paddock but it was very wild! There were a lot of cats strolling around too.  
I saw a lot of children riding about. I almost run over by one of them who subsequently said to her horse "Bad horse! We don't run over little children!" T_T

This was the track we rode around on. The previous class was for little children. Their parents were leading their horses.

There were 7 people in our class but many have come before. We were split into two groups. W and I were the last two to receive our horses and when the instructor asked who wasn't afraid to ride a big horse, I enthusiastically volunteered. So I got to ride Bubbs. Bubbs walked faster than the other two horses on the track. He was also grumpier. He kicked the other horse when we walked too close! It happened so fast that I didn't even know what he was doing. I thought he was just bending down! I really liked him though.

We learned how to direct the horse, maneuver in and out cones, step over a pole and trot. I bounced everywhere when Bubbs was trotting. I wasn't really sure how to stay still. I guess I have to use more of my legs to stabilize myself.

I had quite a fun time! I love riding horses!

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