Samsung Mobile presents The Midway State


The Midway State rocked out at Robson Square earlier this evening courtesy of Samsung Mobile. It was an awesome concert and a great crowd showed up. The weather was perfect and the music was awesome; there is great acoustics at Robson Square. It was a great way to spend the evening.

This event was put on to promote the new Galaxy Tab 10.1 so there is also a chance to win one! If you showed up and captured video or photos of the band singing their hit song "Atlantic", upload them to Samsung's website and may have a chance to score your very own Galaxy Tab 10.1!

I also got a chance to meet the band backstage thanks to @SamsungMobileCA on Twitter. Follow them now because they are cool and always hosts great giveaways!

The guys were really cool and laid back. We got introduced to them and took group photos. They made silly faces in some of them! Samsung representatives also were around using the Galaxy Tab 10.1 to shoot photos and footage that no doubtingly will end up on Facebook.

Samsung Mobile and the Midway State will now make their way to Montreal. Watch for them on August 11th! It's time to Tab!

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I invite you on my new blog.
The perfect gift.


I invite you on my new blog.
The perfect gift.

Infotainment Lounge said...

wow..very interesting news. they really have a hard time doing this
research just to give a very informative content. thumbs up:)

Benjamin Jos said...

 The atlantic song is very good.