Ziplining at Grouse Mountain


This is the first time I've ever been ziplining and I'm also not sure if I've been to Grouse Mountain before. It's a very nice place with lots of wooden statues all around and beautiful trees. Ziplining at Grouse costs $105 which includes admission and return trip on Skyride. I wish there are more ziplines because it ended way too quickly! It was a 2 hour zipline tour with 5 ziplines but it seems way shorter than that!

I tried to take some videos but it didn't work very well because I was a wuss and holding on for dear life so the camera went all over the place. It was very fun though! Now I can cross ziplining off my list of things to try.

 After ziplining, my friend and I watched the Birds in Motion show. Raptors are pretty amazing birds!



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