TD Chinatown Festival

Decided to check out the TD Chinatown Festival today. Columbia Street was blocked off between Keefer and Pender to make way for food booths, sponsor booths, bouncy castle, and a main stage. TD Bank, Shaw and the Vancouver Aquarium were there with their mascots. A lot of people showed up to enjoy the festivities. The lineups for the TD booth was especially long. They a wind booth where you had to grab as much bills as you can in 15 secs. You can then trade those bills for prizes. The most coveted prize was the money tree plant which needed 15 bills. I didn't want to wait in line so long so I spun the Vancouver Aquarium wheel instead and won a free admission ticket!

I love these girls' shirts. "Closet Tofu Lover" Hahah I love it.

As well as the main festival, TD Bank sponsored a youth talent show. Lots of people dancing and singing. A girl who did a magic show won 3rd place. The two girls in the picture below won first place this year after placing 3rd last year.

You can watch the last performance of the talent show below which shows the mascot dance! The TD man and Van Van the panda puts on the moves with some help of other contestants.  

I saw these two cuties with their owner near the talent show stage. The small one is called "Tofu"!

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