Grand Dynasty Seafood Restaurant

Last night our family went out to eat at the Grand Dynasty Seafood Restaurant in Burnaby that is right next to the Grand Villa Delta Hotel and Casino. My aunt gave raving reviews on it so we decided to check it out. The decor was nice and so were the staff. The manager even came out to talk with the diners and asked if we enjoyed our dinner and recommended other dishes we'd like to try based on what we ordered.

The food was great! It wasn't too salty or oily and it tasted delicious. Each of the dishes had very nice presentation too. Here is what we ordered:

Bean Curd, Chinese Mushroom and Winter Melon - This was my favourite dish. It is an entirely vegetarian one but it tasted so good and had a lot of different things in it. Besides that ones listed, there were baby corn, broccoli, young bamboo shoots, and several types of mushrooms. 

 Scallop & Sweet Pea with XOSauce

 Sauteed Beef with Seasonal Veggies

 Sauteed Whole Filet Sole. They fileted the fish and deep fried the bones it into a bowl to hold the peas and fish. Again was delicious.

 This was the complimentary dessert. It is half coconut and half black sesame jelly.

We'll definitely be going back again. The food was great, service was great and there are other dishes we want to try out!

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