Bubbletopia Tea House


Having hot pot will always make a person in a thirsty mood, so my friends and I dropped by Bubbletopia on Granville for some bubble tea!

There's no fancy decor and when I first peered in it looked a bit sketchy as the place was quite empty but it was about 10pm. But no people means fast service!

The prices are reasonable, they have daily specials on the wall. I ordered the Summer's Orchestra -Pineapple Meets Coconut for $4.75 with pearl included.

It was good! Better than I expected. The drink was like a pina colada with just the right amount of sweetness and the pearls were soft and chewy. Yummy!

My friend tells me that this place is popular with the night crowd since it stays open late. People from UBC doing late night projects often frequent this place. They also accept credit cards.

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