#ZombieSyndrome by @thevirtualstage


Zombie Syndrome is an interactive, roving play, put on by a company called the Virtual Stage, in which the audience are the main characters. A deadly outbreak that has now made its way onto the streets of Vancouver turning ordinary citizens into flesh eating monsters and the Canadian Government is asking for your help! There's no killing of zombies, your mission is to try figure out sets of clues that will lead you to the cure. I accepted this mission last Saturday as I joined seven other "scientists", armed only with our cellphones and our wits, in a city wide scavenger hunt to find the cure. It starts with a phone call the day before giving you the coordinates of the secret rendezvous point. Don't be late! This is an urgent mission and stragglers will be left behind!

Zombies periodically popped up as we traveled. Even though it was daytime, the group got a lot more jumpy as paranoia set in. Anyone in the city could be a zombie and you never know when one will come out and eat your brains out! I bet it would be a lot more scarier when it is dark. The characters we met along the way were unique, entertaining and funny and most of the time our group just couldn't stop smiling. It was super fun and a great way to spend 2 hours. More zombies would have been nice though!

The Zombie Syndrome runs with five shows a day until October 31st. Tickets are available online only and they are almost sold out! Visit www.thevirtualstage.org to purchase your tickets!

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