Little Sheep Mongolian Hot Pot


Last Friday, I attended another farewell dinner for my university friend who's leaving for Google. This time it was with a bigger group of people and as he is the self proclaimed Hot Pot King, he chose Little Sheep Mongolian Hot Pot at Lansdowne Mall in Richmond for the gathering.

Everyone was late for dinner! We had two tables reserved at first but since everyone was late, the waitress was getting nervous since there was another reservation two hours after us and was trying to hurry us up. But we said that we could condense into one table. It was a little squishy but we managed to fit 12 people at one table.

The first menu we got was in Chinese...I couldn't read it so I relied on my friends to order. They have a good assortment of raw foods to chose from. We had the all-you-can-eat menu for $19.98 plus $9.99 choice of broth flavour. We chose the Half Half which is the House Special Original and the Spicy.

I mainly avoided the spicy side. I tried a bit of it meat that was cooked in it and it was too spicy for me! But I'm a wuss and that was in the beginning so it might have been ok towards the end when it was diluted.

We are carnivores so we ordered lots of MEAT! Beef and lamb were the popular choices.

 Lamb? Yes, please! 

Mushrooms were a popular choice at our table as well.

Veggies were only ordered as palette cleansers between plates of MEAT! Bwahaha!

Tofu stuff.

Shrimp balls, cuttlefish balls.

Mussels and fish.

Quail eggs, imitation crab, some other balls and dumplings.

Mmm, so delicious!

Cute sheep decorations on the walls.

The food was delicious and the broth was had great flavour. With all you can eat, you can't go wrong with ordering anything on the menu. Everything was really yummy! It was great dinner among friends and I couldn't have asked for anything else.

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