Panz Veggie Restaurant


A vegetarian coworker came to visit in the summer, and he was staying downtown so we took him out for dinner at Panz Veggie Restaurant. It's a Chinese restaurant that serves vegetarian as well as vegan dishes.

All the items on the menu are $10 or less.

Deep fried chopsticks w/fries & fried sweet potato $6.50
For an appetizer, we were curious what deep fried chopsticks were so we ordered that. These turned out to be some kind of meat substitute wrapped around small chopsticks! They look like drumsticks and  had a meat like consistency. They were very delicious!

Tropical style Fried Rice $10
We ordered three more dishes for mains. This rice was salty and we thought the raisins were a little weird to put into fried rice. When we didn't finish it all, the waitress, or maybe the cook, came and told us to finish it and proceeded to scoop the rest onto my plate. lol so maternal.

Sichuan mapo tofu $10
The tofu is a slightly spicy dish. This was already mild but I quite a wimp when it comes to spicy foods and I had to drink a lot of water to douse the flames in my mouth. I liked this one the best out of all the mains we tried. It was really delicious despite the spiciness!

Sweet & sour steak bites $10
The sweet and sour steak bites were more sweet than sour but I like it. My other coworker didn't though.

All the "meat" in the mains were made in the right consistency that it felt like you are eating real meat! The dishes were a hit and miss but I still would go back to this restaurant to try others.

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