Living Room Restaurant & Lounge - Squamish, BC


Having to paddle hard during whitewater rafting can work up any appetite so my friend E. and I decided to grab a quick bite at the Living Room, the only restaurant at the Executive Suites Hotel.

They have funky artwork on the walls.

And a spacious dining area. They also have a outdoor patio that is very nice but after the cold water, we wanted to be inside!

The restaurant offers those that have gone on a tour with Canadian Outback Adventures a deal on their sandwiches where for $14 you get a beer included. Each sandwich is served with fries, green or ceasar salad which you can substitute for soup or yam fries for $2.5 more.

We all got the sandwich meal with a lager.

I ordered yam fries but they brought me regular ones instead. But it's ok, the waitress apologized and brought me the yam fries afterwards. The regular fries are very good too! They were crisp with soft yummy potato inside. If only there were some gravy to go along with them! Mmm so delicious.

My burger was a House burger ($13) with red onion marmalade, organic greens, tomato, pickle and bbq mayonnaise on a granola kaiser. The burger was very satisfying.

Here are the yam fries! I've never had yam fries like this! They are actual very thickly cut pieces of yams or maybe sweet potato. There must be at least two whole sweet potatoes in this dish. They weren't really like fries at all because they are so thickly cut, the insides are very soft and it's more you like you are eating lightly fried sweet yams. Delicious!

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