WCG 2012 - Western Regional Starcraft 2 Finals at Metrotown


Over the weekend, the World Cyber Games 2012 held a tournament at Metrotown to determine the best player to represent the Western Canada in the WCG Grand Final in China. Samsung is the sponsor for this exciting competition and so all the competitors faced off on seriously powerful Series 7 Gaming Laptops.

Look at these impressive monitors! The gamers are competing on the Samsung Series 7 Gaming Laptop which is specifically built for gaming.

There was a large Samsung Smart TV set up where you could play some Angry Birds behind the spectators. 

Also on display were other Samsung products. I was most interested in the super light Series 9 laptop. This one is running Windows 8, which also came out just recently. 

Inside the Samsung Store was a big screen projecting the FIFA 12 game, which also had a tournament earlier in the day.

I managed to catch the very last face-off of StarCraft 2!

Optikzero vs...

FireZerg. These guys are seriously talented. Their fingers just fly across the keyboard making split second decisions in real time. Starcraft 2 is a scifi game that requires real time strategy and people are really serious about this game. It's like playing chess but harder because there are so many other variables. There are many high stakes tournaments held around the world for this game and in Korea, there is even a TV show where you can watch professional players compete!

In the end there can be only one winner. And the victory went to FireZerg! His real name is Sam Prowse and he's a 19-year-old second-year student at UBC. He will now be representing the West Coast in the WCG Grand Final in Kunshan, China! Good luck Sam! 

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