Visiting the CN Tower - Toronto, ON

Everyone has heard of the CN Tower in Toronto. It is classified as one of the Seven Wonders of the Modern World and to go up the tower is the most touristy thing you can do there. And so we did! After spending some time at the Sheconnect Conference, W and I left for the CN Tower, which was literally next door to the conference centre.

They have an Inukshuk built outside the entrance!

Tickets to go up to the Observatory deck is $23.99 but I found a coupon online for 20% off! Heheh.

The effect in this hallway is so cool. The image is in 3D and as you walk by the wispy blue things in the picture move with you.

Is this a security screening? It just puffs air at you?

The displays on our way to the elevators.

Did you know that lightning strikes the CN Tower an average of 75 times per year?

Oh another moose!

Looking down at the giftshop.

Waiting for the ride up up up!

The elevator happens to have a glass floor area too. You can see how far up you are getting from the ground. O_o

Looking out made me realize how BIG a city Toronto is. Vancouver is so small in comparison.

There's Lake Ontario to the left, covered in cloud. I'm glad we went when we did since in the morning the whole tower was covered in cloud and we probably wouldn't have been able to see anything. So lucky it cleared up later in the day!

Eeep! Standing on the glass floor. I didn't feel that scared really. We also took some pictures of us lying down but we look like we're dead

Vancouver is 3,366 km away from the CN Tower.

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Liquid said...

I'm surprised they're not charging more for the ticket to go up as it is probably one of the busiest tourist attractions we have in Canada. I've never been to the CN Tower before even though I've lived in Toronto in the past. Looks like you had a fun trip overall (^_^)

Jenny said...

It's $10 more if you want to go to the very very top and there other add ons like a ride and movie. Then there's the Edgewalk option which is about $175 but it includes everything.

Yes, I did enjoy myself! Had some unexpected run ins with some Vancouverites as well!