Microsoft @Surface Popup Shop at Metrotown

While the WCG tournament was going on in the Metrotown atrium, a little way off was Microsoft's popup store for their new Surface tablet, which opened on Oct 26th! I've heard lots about this tablet and was curious, as was everyone else, to see what it can do.

The popup shop drew lots of crowds, everyone was vying to try out the newest tablet on the market.

Is it a tablet or a laptop? It's almost powerful enough to be a small laptop, yet light enough to be a tablet.

To the side of the popup shop, the Microsoft Surface Events team gave a demonstration of the tablet and showcased its capabilities with the new Windows RT.

- 16:9 aspect ratio
- 720p HD front and rear facing cameras
- Skype integration
- Multitasking option, where you can run 2 apps at the same time on screen (!!!)
- Integrated kickstand

And more!

The team even gave away a XBox to a lucky person after the presentation! (It wasn't me)

The tablet by itself without the Touch Cover is priced at $519. It comes in 32GB without ($519) or with ($619) the Touch Cover and 64GB with the touch cover ($719). The thin cover acts as a keyboard for those who like that physical feel as opposed to a soft keyboard on screen. Very cool but I was a little disappointed that you had to pay extra for the Touch Cover. I was under the impression before it launched that it came with it. Oh well. 

With all the Windows programs that run on the Surface, I can see how it can be very useful to use in productive applications. It's kind of like a hybrid between a laptop and a tablet. I'm impressed! Adding this to my Christmas wishlist... ;P

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