Grand Dynasty Seafood Restaurant

To celebrate my mom's birthday, I decided to take her out to eat at Grand Dynasty in Burnaby. We've been here several times before (see my previous review here) and we thought it was pretty good so we've returned again.

This time we ordered Peking Duck.

The wraps have sesame seeds in them! It is an extra something that I haven't seen in other restaurants. I loved the Peking duck.

Peking duck, second dish - lettuce wrap.

Is it just me or has the number of scallops included in this dish shrunk? We had the same dish last year and I could have sworn there were more.


Deep fried oysters. Meh. They were ok.

Tofu, seafood, mushroom, chicken mix. I liked this one the best. Very flavourful and I enjoyed all the ingredients that made up this dish.

Gai lan with sautéed beef and straw mushrooms. It was good and flavourful but a bit on the oily side.

Honey garlic spare ribs. This was yummy.

Bean Curd, Chinese Mushroom and Winter Melon. This was my favourite dish last time but the ingredients seemed to have changed. Instead of broccoli, it was replaced with some other Chinese vegetable. It wasn't gai lan but something similar. I was pretty disappointed with it this time round.

Red bean dessert.

Almond cookies.

On the whole, we were disappointed. The dishes were just ok and our favourite dishes have been shrunk or changed. For the price, the dishes could have been better.

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