Corn Festival at the Kerrisdale Farmers Market

A corn festival was held yesterday at the Kerrisdale Farmers market to celebrate the beginning of the corn harvest season. I had a little time to pop by in the opening hours to check it out.

 Freshly popped kettle corn could be found near the entrance.

 Kids were helping volunteers husk the corn, which I think were being used for corn on the cob.

There was a display of all the products that use corn. There are a lot! And there are a lot of recipes I collected as well.
 Corn on the cob was being made at the food truck area. The corn was still cooking by the time I left so I didn't get to try any. =(

Walked around the market looking at the various stalls afterwards.

 The food carts were just getting started.

I was delighted to find Rootable Chips there! I bought some of their chips at Trout Lake and wanted to buy some more but couldn't find them the second time round. They move around from market to market. Their chips are sooo good. The $5 bag I bought disappeared by the time I got home. I really need to get more than one bag!

Pâté Pastiche was also there! Yay! I picked up their forest mushroom pâté. Their vegan pâtés are made with seeds and grains and taste great with bread!

A lot of tomatoes could be found around the market. Look at all the varieties of cherry tomatoes! So many pretty colours! I have the yellow ones growing in the garden and they taste so good. Very sweet!

Peaches and nectarines are also in abundance.

I've never seen oyster mushrooms this colourful! They look amazing!

The Kerrisdale Farmers market occurs every Saturday 10a - 2p until October 6th and is found on East Boulevard between 37th and 41st Avenues. There is a lot pay parking around but it is also easy to find free parking nearby. Go check it out!

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