Food Cart Fest at the Waldorf

I finally made it to the Yelp Food Cart Fest on Sunday afternoon. This event occurs every Sunday until Sept 2nd at the Waldorf Hotel parking lot. There is usually some kind of market or music accompanying the fest. The Chosen Ones Vintage sale was occurring when W and I went.

We were more interested in the food than the clothes and we circled around the lot to see which carts we wanted to order from. I guess it is better to go earlier in the day because we discovered that a lot of the food carts had run out of food! It was about 3:30pm when we arrived.

 I was thirsty so choose to get a drink at The Juice Truck.

 They all sound good but I chose to try the Strawberry Coconut smoothie.

Mmm, it was pretty good. It wasn't too sweet. Thicker than I imagined and actually filled me up before I ate anything else!

 Meanwhile, W was checking out the Soho Road.

 She was craving some butter chicken so got a half order of Butter Chicken Naan Kebab.

 She said it was very good and it hit the spot!

Me, I was deciding between PazzaRella pizza or the tacos from Off the Wagon. They both looked good and I saw a lot of people carrying both.

Mmm looks so good. Looking at the menu, I was interested in the Prosciutto & Arugula but it was sold out! Plus I was getting pretty full from the Juice Truck smoothie by this time so decided to get something smaller instead.

 I opted to get 2 tacos from Off the Wagon.

I ordered one Fresh Chorizo and one Pulled Pork on Citrus Slaw. They were both really yummy but I liked the Fresh Chorizo better. It wasn't spicy at all and was very flavourful. Mmmm. So good.

The Food Cart Fest will be there again this coming Sunday from 12 - 6pm. Go early! I think food carts also change from week to week so you can try different ones every week.

Hmm. Now I'm craving pizza from PazzaRella...

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