The Fair at the PNE 2012


The annual fair at the PNE is currently in full swing and everyday attendees can enjoy hundreds of performances, exhibits, rides, food, music, and all around fun! Going to the fair is a yearly tradition in my family. I can't remember a time where we missed going and this year was no exception. 

This year there are a couple of new additions to see the most exciting being the Star Trek exhibit, which  gathers long lineups regardless of the time of day it is. 

My friends and I tried to fit as many shows in our day as possible starting with the Peking Acrobats.

They are a returning act and are very entertaining. The act doesn't change much though so if you have seen it the previous years and have somewhere else you want to be, then you can safely skip it without missing too much.

This act always gets me feeling anxious. I'm afraid for his safety!

New this year is Canfor's Playhouse Challenge. These playhouses will eventually be auctioned off to benefit the Habitat for Humanity organization.

 This airplane playhouse is my favourite!

 Walking further down, we encountered the Sand Sculpture Competition.

 And also the Container Art display presented by Port Metro Vancouver.

This my favourite out of all of them! The empire strikes back at Port Metro Vancouver! So awesome. The artist should totally make a t-shirt out of this! I'd wear it!

Salty the Seagull, the mascot of Port Metro Van gave a little pose for me!

Next show! What is a trip to the PNE without going to see the SUPERDOGS? Go early if you want to snag the good seats! We had to sit way at the end since we got in only 10 minutes before the show started.

One of the other things I enjoy is taking a look at the Prize home. It was decorated by The Bachelorette and Extreme Makeover's Jillian Harris!

The master bedroom has this massive walk in bathroom. There isn't actually a door to the bathroom so you'll have to close your bedroom door for any privacy.

After the prize home, we went to see the farm animals where there was a Rabbit Hopping obstacle course set up! This was not here during the previous years so I was delighted to stay and watch a while.

 Peace is a Belgian Hare.

Once she discovered that she can just hop through the bars, there was no convincing her to hop over them. Smart!

 Ha I love this llamas' mullet!

The Evolution of Extreme is an exciting show! These daredevils show no fear as they soar way above the ground on their machines!

They also like to do ground tricks at high speed! They have so much control!

Our last stop was the Star Trek exhibit. It's a pity that we aren't allowed photos inside. It takes a long time to go through the entire exhibit since it's so large. There are models, costumes, and other props from all of the Star Trek series to see and there are also three photo stops where you and your friends can pretend to be on the bridge and transporter room. Don't wear green or any colour similar to green if you want a decent print out of the photo, which will set you back $15.

There is still time to check out these shows and exhibits yourself! The PNE is open everyday from 11am - late. Tickets for general admission are $20 at the gate but you can buy them online for $15. What are you most excited about at the PNE?

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