#AnimeRevolution at the Summer Night Market


Anime Revolution had been at the Richmond Summer Night market two times already this year and each time I missed it! When I heard that last Friday was going to be their third and final cosplay fashion show there this year, I couldn't miss it. There were a lot of amazing costumes! Warning: graphic  intensive!

Pika-chu! So cute!

These sisters sang and danced for us multiple times. They've taken Japanese lessons from a private tutor for 6 years!

Even Iron Man and Harry Potter showed up!

Hahah Pedobear was very popular.

My favourite costume of the night was Sora from Kingdom Hearts. Looks exactly like him and had the attitude to match!

Pokemon related cosplayers.
Characters from Kingdom Hearts
Characters from Kingdom Hearts

 There were a total of three different Batgirls that attended.

The crowd went wild when Senkaku Mei, Anime Revolution's mascot appeared on stage!

These serious girls are from a Manga series called Dolls.


It was an amazing show!

If you didn't know, Anime Revolution is a 3-day convention from August 17 - 19 featuring all things anime including art, animation, comics, costuming, dance, gaming, musical performances and more! Tickets go from $55 - $60 or $75 for a 3-day pass. 

Missed last Friday's event? You're in luck! Anime Revolution is holding another cosplay event as part of the Vancouver Chinatown StreetFest. This time it is a cosplay contest! See more details on their website. Find the cosplayers this Saturday, August 11th from 6:30pm - 8:00pm at Vancouver Chinatown at the corner of Keefer and Columbia!  

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