#PiratePakDay at White Spot


Yesterday was Pirate Pak Day at White Spot. Usually Pirate Paks are reserved for kids but during this annual fundraising event, adults can join in the fun and for each Pirate Pak ordered White Spot donated $2 to the Zajac Ranch for Children. Yesterday, they sold 23,110 Pirate Paks & raised $50,470!

I went with my friends to the Oakridge Centre White Spot to take part in the Pirate party. I even ran into some of my other friends there! Yay, Pirate Paks for everybody!

The restaurant was decorated in pirate themed stuff.

And was full of people eating from their Pirate Paks!

Each Adult Pirate Pak comes with your choice of burger and drink, a little bit of coleslaw, fries or side salad and ice cream for dessert.

Kitchen was busy filling orders. 

This was actually my first ever Pirate Pak! (Yes, I had a deprived childhood) Arr Matey! Hoist the sails! This burger is about to sail into me mouth. XD

I ordered a Portobello Provolone Veggie Burger with orange juice.

And had chocolate ice cream and a dubloon coin for dessert.

Mmm! What a fun dinner for a good cause too!

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