TD Vancouver Chinatown Festival 2012


The Vancouver Chinatown Festival is once again happening this weekend and the it is occurring on Columbia Street between Keefer and Pender. I went with M yesterday to check it out and there's a lot of fun things to see and do including the normally night market was open early as part of this festival. I was particularly interested in the Historical & Food Tasting Walking tour, which I highly recommend going on!

This year's slogan is "Hello Dragon, Ni Hao" since it's the year of the Dragon and there were a lot of dragon themed activities and booths.

It is very cool to see all the ways to say "Hello" in all the different languages!

Tofu and other soy products are being sold again this year. 

 They also had a free spin-the-wheel attraction at their booth.

I spot Pedobear! O:
 This artist was writing names in beautiful pictures. I think it was free because the line was very long. lol

The line was also very long at the TD booth which attendees could make buttons with their own zodiac animal on it. They are all very cute looking!

The cotton-candy and popcorn costs money but there were people giving dim sum and tofu dessert samples away.

 There are a lot of child-friendly activities set up. Besides the bouncy castle, there is dragon fishing, artwork, ping-pong

Irish Dancers on the Main stage
Attendees can write a wish on a post-it and put it on the Wishing Dragon.

 A small dragon procession came and went around the festival and marketplace.

You can spin a wheel if you purchase $10 or more of stuff at the festival to win some prizes, the top prize being a water bottle. We got to spin for purchasing 2 spots on the food tour and won a cute pencil with a cow on top. lol

I'll be posting photos from the food tour and the Chinatown night market in a different post. 

The TD Vancouver Chinatown Festival is still on tomorrow from 12 - 6pm. Go check it out!

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Multicultural said...

why TD Bank (especially metrotown) celebrates so hard the Chinese New Year and no other festivals like Hanukkah or Christmas or any other holiday of another culture. is it not a kind of racism with other cultures?