Pink Pearl Chinese Restaurant

Dim sum! Haven't had it for quite a while now with the family. I used to go every week to Spicy Court with my grandpa before he passed away. Last Saturday, we went to Pink Pearl Chinese Restaurant with my extended family to catch up with each others' lives. We rarely get the opportunity to meet with that side of the family since they live far away from us.

This is the first time I've been to this restaurant. Walking in you can see that the restaurant has a very, very large space. There is more seating to the right of my photo as well.

This place still utilizes push carts! I haven't seen these in a long time. Back in the day most dim sum places used them but now it's very rare. It kind of stirs up some feelings of nostalgia. They also have a order sheet but I like being able to see the food on the carts.

 We ordered a coconut jelly dessert off the cart and it was pretty good. Tastes like coconut.

Later on, a waitress came over with plates of Durian and whipped cream wrapped in sticky rice. I have never seen this type of dessert anywhere else. The durian itself wasn't very sweet and there was very little of the distinctive durian odour that some people don't like.

Of course, there was a mandatory fight for the bill after we finished, which came to about $100 which isn't too bad for 10 people (we also had some leftovers).

Overall, the food was pretty good but there were a lot that were just average. For one thing, I've had better Xiao Long Bao and pan fried radish cakes. It was no Spicy Court that's for sure but it is good enough. 

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