House of Tofu Soup (Richmond)

I discovered this place after reading a blog post from Richmond 365 Blogger about it. I love tofu so convinced my family to try it out. Hahaha.

I just wanted the tofu soup which has 7 types at 5 levels of spiciness. I ordered a Mix bowl, which as shrimp, beef and mushrooms. Being a wuss, of course I chose no spice - White.

We were brought a bunch of appetizers: mashed potatoes, potato soup, seaweed, pickled radish and kimchi and a raw egg to crack into the tofu soup. If you like, you can always ask for more of these appetizers free of charge.

My Mixed bowl of Tofu Soup with the egg cracked into it. It was hot but not hot enough to thoroughly cook the egg. 

 Tiny shrimps, clams and tofu. Mmmm.

My dad ordered a Kamja Tang, which is essentially pork bone soup with vegetables, potatoes mushrooms. It was also spicy! It comes with a big  pot of rice.

After scooping out the rice, the waitress asked us if we wanted to add tea into the pot to soften the crispy rice that stuck to the sides so we can eat it later. It's actually pretty tasteless. It'd probably be tastier if you poured some of the tofu soup in instead.

We also ordered a plate of Japchae (potato noodles, beef and broccoli) to share. It is very big dish.

Overall, I liked it, all the dishes were delicious. I really liked the tofu soup and I would order it again! Good choice.

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