Volunteering at Color Me Rad 5K

Early Saturday morning, I went to UBC to volunteer for the Color Me Rad 5K run which benefited the Keep-A-Breast Canada Foundatation. The Color Bomb Squad, we volunteers were called. How cool is that?!
The field was still relatively empty at 7am. Volunteers were milling about setting up for the 9am run.

Boxes of powder, banners to put up,
 the finish line to blow up. =P

 The Color Bomb Squad uniforms!
 Some early runners looking at the merchandise.

 Soon the Color Bomb Squad was herded into the back of a truck and drove to our stations.

I was at Color Station 2 which was a liquid station. We mixed some orange powder with water which resulted in green liquid.

Each of us had wore one of these filled with green water.

 The color station down the street near us as blue and pink powder.

 Pre-race rehearsal!

 We had a little fun cover ourselves with powder ;P

Finally! The first runners arrived! It was funny to hear all the runners' comments. Some didn't realize that what we were spraying on them was coloured water until they saw it on their shirt! Green?! lol

Everyone looked like they were having so much fun!

I felt like I was painting the runner. Need to get them thoroughly covered, you know? I made sure to share the green with my friends when they ran past me. They didn't have enough colour on them!

Soon the entire street was covered with powder. It was kind of scary seeing the HUGE cloud of powder rise up at the peak of run. I didn't bring out my camera. Everything was being covered with dust and dyed. I didn't sign up for the run myself because of the powder but I ended up being messed up anyways! Especially my hands and feet (I wore flip-flops). They were all green. I felt like Shrek.

Soon the race was over and we had to clean up. The truck didn't come back to drive us back so we had to walk instead!
I also ran through the finsh line! I got purple powder thrown at me for the effort. Hahah! I missed the final throwing of colour though since we had to walk back. =(

We volunteers had to clean up all of this garbage after the race. Sigh. -__-

Raw Canvas had two large canvases set out for race participants to throw paint powder upon. This one looks pretty good!

Racers were still having fun on the field while we cleaned up.

Me with my fellow Color Bomb Squad members. It was fun to volunteer! I had to clean up myself for another 2 hours afterwards though. My feet are still sort of green.

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