100th Year Celebration at Aberthau Mansion Photo Recap


Aberthau Mansion is one of Vancouver's oldest houses and celebrated its 100th year last week with tours, horse drawn carriage rides, cupcake decorating, antique cars, cake cutting and tree planting. The Tudor style house is not famous because it is the nicest house in the neighbourhood but because of its rich history. It was own by two families as well as used as a base by the Canadian Navy during wartimes. The family donated the house and land to the government on the condition that it be preserved and used for the community. Now Aberthau is run as the West Point Grey Community Centre.

A band was playing music in the yard.

At the back of the house, Cake Tease had a cupcake decorating booth set up. 

Outside, horse & carriage from Stanley park gave rides to visitors. 

A lot of people and staff dressed up in 1910s costumes.

Lots of heritage cars were on display.

City officials cut the birthday cake after some speeches.

Mmm, chocolate cake!


 Our tour guide.

The ballroom. 

 In the library:

Gargoyle fireplace decorations.


"Aberthau" is Gaelic word meaning "a place filled with light". The house is filled with beautiful windows that shows how important light is in the place. Unfortunately some were covered when additions were made to the house. Most of the second floor were additions, but it gives lots of space for community centre use!

There's also an attic that was added by the military. Only 10 people can go up at once because of the narrow hallways.

This room was lifted probably from the library area because it was cheaper to lift the room than to lay down new flooring!

There are a lot of rooms in the attic but none can be used except for storage because of safety issues. Renovation is not an option either because the walls are filled with asbestos.

The basement used to be a petty office bar but now it's a youth area. Everything in this space was bought by the youths through fundraising themselves! 

The mansion grounds are very large.

The new oak tree that was planted in commemoration of 100 years. Here's to another 100.

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